Heartwood Hotel Book 1: A True Home

A wayward mouse finds employment at a luxury hotel in this adventure by Kallie George.

Kallie George, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin

When Mona the mouse stumbles across the wondrous world of the Heartwood Hotel in the middle of a storm, she desperately hopes the staff will let her stay. As it turns out, Mona is precisely the maid they need at the grandest hotel in Fernwood Forest, where animals come from far and wide for safety, luxury and comfort. But it's not all acorn soufflé and soft, moss-lined beds. Danger lurks nearby, and as it approaches, Mona has to use all her wits to protect the place she's come to love. Because this hotel is more than a warm shelter for the night. It might also be a home. (From HarperCollins)

From the book

Home is where the heart is, or so she'd heard. But Mona the mouse had never had a home — at least not for long. A dusty hay bale, an abandoned bird's nest, a prickly thicket — in her short life she had lived in more places than she had whiskers. And now her latest home, an old hollow stump, was being flooded out by the storm.

When she'd found the stump in the summer, with a mushroom table already in place and the stream nearby, it had seemed too good to be true. Why had no other animal claimed it for its home?

From Heartwood Hotel: A True Home by Kallie George, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin ©2017. Published by HarperCollins.


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