Heart Residence

Dennis Lee's new collection spans countless subjects, themes, styles and 50 years of poetry.

Dennis Lee

No other poet in Canada has the depth and range of Dennis Lee. Jazzman, jester and metaphysician, hardball political thinker and passionate lover, he has been publishing poems for 50 years, working across the spectrum from nursery rhymes and skipping songs to uncompromising moral introspection to full-tilt love songs, plangent psalms and ecstatic, solitary prayer. This omnibus represents them all, and it will make your head spin.

There are poets' poets and people's poets. And then there are those few who are neither and both: the few who become, over time, part of the warp and weft of their culture. Heart Residence collects, for the first time, work from all corners of this extraordinary career, from Lee's searing early breakthroughs to his beloved children's verse to his visions of environmental apocalypse. A must-have collection from one of Canada's literary icons. (From House of Anansi Press)

Author interview

Poet Dennis Lee interviewed about "Heart Residence," which brings together 50 years of his work, on location at the Writers at Woody Point Festival, in Newfoundland. 12:35