Haunted Hospital

A middle grade novel by Marty Chan.

Marty Chan

Xander thinks the George Wickerman Hospital would be the perfect setting for Spirits and Specters, a role-playing game where players go on "missions" to find evidence of paranormal activities. According to local legend, tuberculosis patients were used as test subjects in medical experiments that ended tragically, and their disfigured ghosts walk the hallways of this now-abandoned building. What better location to go ghost hunting? Even though they didn't really believe the rumours, Xander and his friends soon begin to suspect that they are not alone. Is this place actually haunted by ghosts? Or something even more terrifying? (From Orca Book Publishers)

Marty Chan is a writer from Edmonton. He's written dozens of books for YA and middle grade readers and is also a playwright. Chan's writing has received many awards, including the Aurora Award for best young adult novel, the City of Edmonton Book Prize and Diamond Willow Award.

From the book

The light from Li's phone shone a path in the dark cemetery. She crept between the tombstones, trying to still her shaking hand.


She spun around. The leafless trees behind her looked like skeletal fingers reaching for the bright moon.

"Who's there?" Li asked.

No answer.

She zipped up her fleece jacket, bracing herself against the brisk wind. She looked at the text on her phone again.

Find Tamara Reyes. 

Her mission was to find the gravestone marked with the name Tamara Reyes. It was part of the game Spirits and Spectres. Li and her friends were the ghost hunters. Li had been given a solo assignment. She had to find evidence of the supernatural to earn bonus points.

From Haunted Hospital by Marty Chan ©2020. Published by Orca Book Publishers.