Guarded Girls

A play by Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman.

Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman

The stories and experiences of three imprisoned women and a guard intertwine in dramatic and dangerous ways, as the psychological destruction that is solitary confinement taunts each of their lives.

Nineteen-year-old Sid is transferred to a new prison, finding friendship with her cellmate Brit, but she also forms a complicated relationship with a guard who seems to be watching their every move. In another time, an older inmate named Kit talks to an unseen audience about a coming visitor and how she'll stop at nothing to see them, even if that means bringing down the entire prison system. In another place, three girls wait as visitors, each one thinking about the complicated positions their mothers are in.

Playful and mysterious, Guarded Girls is about the stories we tell to survive, and how the same stories can also destroy us. (From Playwright Canada Press)

Guarded Girls is a finalist for the 2020 Governor General's Literary Award for drama.

Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman is a playwright, screenwriter and actor from Toronto. She wrote for the CBC Radio drama Afghanada. She also wrote The End of Pretending with Emily Sugerman, Twisted with Joseph Jomo Pierre, Scratch and Sudden Death

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