Greener Grass

Caroline Pignat's novel about the Irish Potato Famine won the Governor General's Literary Award for young people's literature in 2009.

Caroline Pignat

Ireland, 1847. Fourteen-year-old Kit Byrne and her family are fighting for their lives as the Irish Potato Famine enters its second year. British landlords are raising rents and tearing down cottages, leaving Irish families homeless. When Kit suffers a tragic event that tears her away from her family, she must fight for her survival and that of her mother and siblings. Can they escape Ireland for good? Greener Grass is a vivid and enduring portrait of the Great Hunger and the winner of the 2009 Governor General's Literary Award for young people's literature.

Greener Grass is for readers ages 13 and up.

From the book

If Jack were here, he'd whisper into my darkness, What's your story, Kit? So I shall tell it. I am no hero. I merely survived. God only knows why, but He won't tell me. Maybe He isn't listening. Perhaps He isn't even there. Either way, I've stopped asking.

So let me tell you of a time, not your time, but mine. I am Kathleen Mary Margaret Byrne.

This is my story.

And so it goes.

From Greener Grass by Caroline Pignat ©2008. Published by Red Deer Press.