Gold Rush Queen

Thora Kerr Illing's biography chronicles the life of Nellie Cashman, a miner, entrepreneur and philanthropist who worked in the roughest towns of late-nineteenth century.

Thora Kerr Illing

At a time when well-bred women wore tight corsets and entertained each other at tea, Nellie Cashman (1845-1925) was trekking for hundreds of miles through blizzard conditions to deliver food and supplies to trapped miners in northern B.C.

An Irish immigrant, Cashman travelled from Boston to San Francisco in search of opportunity. She followed the mining boomtowns, all the way from California to northern B.C., opening up restaurants and boarding houses and staking mining claims. She was friends with the likes of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday during her years in Tombstone, Ariz. and was known among them for her kind heart and charitable acts. This biography is a fresh look at the fascinating life of an underappreciated historical character. (From Touchwood Editions)