Going Home Again

This novel by Dennis Bock was shortlisted for the 2013 Scotiabank Giller Prize.

Dennis Bock

When Charlie Bellerose reunites with his flamboyant brother Nate, after two decades apart, their youthful rivalry seems forgotten. Drawn together again by their failed marriages, trying to survive in a world of long-distance parenting and hopeful reunions, they begin to imagine that they can be a new family of sorts. But Charlie's chance encounter with his first love, Holly, now happily married, unravels his past and complicates his present, plunging him back to his bittersweet college days in Montreal and the fate of his best friend Miles, and forward into Nate's dangerous attraction to Holly's sixteen-year-old daughter, Riley. Yet even Charlie, with all he now knows about his brother, cannot foresee the violence to come.

A novel about the mysteries of the human heart, Going Home Again is rich with the exquisite tensions between men and women as they fall in and out of love. (From Phyllis Bruce Books)

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From the book

There was no reason to think anything would be different between me and my brother the previous summer, in 2005, when I called ahead to tell him I was coming back to Toronto to try out my new life as a single man. I'd been studying the possibility of taking the business across the Atlantic for years, but for too many reasons to count, I'd never managed to pull it off. After finding out about the Supreme Court justice named Pablo, though, and having by then bunkered down at the Reina Victoria Hotel for two months, I was feeling sufficiently unsettled to actually do it.

From Going Home Again by Dennis Bock ©2014. Published by Vintage.

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Dennis Bock on Going Home Again

8 years ago
The Toronto writer shares how he learned he was a Giller finalist and why it's so liberating to start a novel. 5:56