God Smites and Other Muslim Girl Problems

Ishara Deen's novel is about a teenage girl who disobeys her parents and becomes entangled in a murder mystery.

Ishara Deen

Craving a taste of teenage life, Asiya Haque defies her parents to go for a walk (really, it was just a walk!) in the woods with Michael, her kind-of-friend/crush/the guy with the sweetest smile she's ever seen. Her tiny transgression goes completely off track when they stumble on a dead body. Michael covers for Asiya, then goes missing himself.

Despite what the police say, Asiya is almost sure Michael is innocent. But how will she, the sheltered girl with the strictest parents ever, prove anything? With Michael gone, a rabid police officer in desperate need of some sensitivity training and the murderer out there, how much will Asiya risk to do what she believes is right? (From Deeya Publishing)