A YA novel by Nandi Taylor.

Nandi Taylor

ound by Fate. Divided by Duty. As a princess of the Moonrise Isles and one of its fiercest warriors, Yenni has always put duty before her own desires. When her father falls gravely ill, she knows she must find the cure and sets out on an arduous journey that takes her to a magical academy in the far reaches of the Empire of Cresh. There is no room for failure, but Yenni struggles to learn the strange magic of Cresh as a cure continues to evade her.

And complicating matters is Weysh, a dragon shifter who says Yenni is his Given ― his one true partner ordained by destiny. As a dragon, Weysh is an ally, both in matters of magic and friendship. As a man, he is a beautiful and infuriating distraction. With her father's life hanging in the balance and her feelings for Weysh deepening, Yenni realizes her greatest challenge has just begun ― save her people, while also following her heart. (From Wattpad Books)

Nandi Taylor is a Toronto-based author of Afro-Caribbean heritage. Her debut novel Given garnered over one million reads on the online story sharing site Wattpad.

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