Giju's Gift

A picture book by Brandon Mitchell, illustrated by Veronika Barinova and Britt Wilson.

Brandon Mitchell, illustrated by Veronika Barinova and Britt Wilson

A Mi'kmaw girl battles an ancient giant and forms an unexpected friendship in the first volume of this series of graphic novels inspired by traditional stories.

Long ago, all living creatures on this land shared a special balance with one another. The pugulatmu'j—the Little People—were the original guardians of the land, and they looked after all living things. As time passed, we forgot these playful yet powerful guardians, but they did not forget us. Occasionally, they make their presence known with the little tricks they play.

When her hair clip disappears, Mali is devastated. It was special, made by her giju'. Her mom thinks she lost it, but Mali knows it was stolen by the pugulatmu'j.

Soon after, Mali is surprised to meet Puug—and he's wearing her hair clip. If she helps him find what he needs, she has a chance of getting it back. As they hunt for the objects on Puug's list, Mali uncovers a lot of unanswered questions along the way.

Why is there a giant chasing them? Will she really get her hair clip back? And why is Puug collecting these things anyway?

Join Mali and Puug as they race to keep one step ahead of an ancient giant in the first volume of this graphic novel series for young readers. (From HighWater Press)

Brandon Mitchell is the Fredericton-based founder of Birch Bark Comics and creator of the Sacred Circles comic series, which draws on his Mi'kmaq heritage.

Veronika Barinova is an emerging illustrator currently living in Calgary. She has a Bachelor in visual communication design from the Alberta University of the Arts and works primarily in digital media. 

Britt Wilson is an Ontario ceramic artist, illustrator, cartoonist, and letterer. A graduate from Sheridan College, Britt is the author-illustrator of Britt Wilson's Greatest Book on EarthGhost Queen, and Cat Dad, King of the Goblins.

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