Michael Crummey's third novel was shortlisted for the 2009 Governor General's Literary Award.

Michael Crummey

An intricate family saga and love story spanning two centuries, Galore is a portrait of the improbable medieval world that was rural Newfoundland, a place almost too harrowing and extravagant to be real. Remote and isolated, exposed to savage extremes of climate and fate, the people of Paradise Deep persist in a realm where the line between the everyday and the otherworldly is impossible to distinguish.

Propelled by the disputes and alliances, grievances and trade-offs that bind the Sellers and Devine families through generations, Galore is alive with singular characters, and an uncommon insight into the complexities of human nature. (From Anchor Canada)

Galore was a finalist for the 2009 Governor General's Literary Award for fiction.

From the book

The ugly work went on through the day. Black fires were burning on the beach to render the blubber to oil, and the stench stoppered the harbour, as if they were labouring in a low-ceilinged warehouse. The white underbelly was exposed where the carcass keeled to one side, the stomach's membrane floating free in the shallows. The Toucher triplets were poking idly at the massive gut with splitting knives and prongs, dirty seawater pouring from the gash they opened, a crest of blood, a school of undigested capelin and herring, and then the head appeared, the boys screaming and falling away at the sight. It was a human head, the hair bleached white. One pale arm flopped through the ragged incision and dangled into the water.

From Galore by Michael Crummey ©2010. Published by Anchor Canada.


Newfoundland writer Michael Crummey won the inaugural Writers' Trust Fellowship this week, pocketing $50,000 and a two-week residency at the Banff Centre. The jury called Crummey "a poet of tremendous skill and a novelist of truest heart." Angela Antle i 15:38

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