From Anna

A clumsy girl flees Nazi Germany with her family to start a new life in Canada in this young adult novel by Jean Little.

Jean Little, illustrated by Joan Soldin

Anna Solden is nine years old when she moves with her family from the persecution of Nazi Germany to Canada in the 1930s. As well as moving to a new country, with a whole new language and culture, Anna has to deal with her brothers and sisters calling her "Awkward Anna," since she's so clumsy. But when it's discovered that Anna's clumsiness is actually the result of a visual impairment, Anna gets glasses and her world is utterly transformed. Once a teacher of handicapped children, and with a visual impairment herself, Jean Little is one of Canada's best-loved children's authors for her understanding and compassionate way of writing about those who are different. 

From Anna is for readers ages 11 and up.

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From the book

"The troubled times . . . " he said. "I think they are just beginning. We are seeing only a faint shadow of the darkness that threatens us."

"Ernst!" Mama cried, horrified at his words and the sorrow in his face and understanding little more than Anna did.

"Never mind now, Klara," Papa said. "This is not the time to talk."

But Anna was shaken to the core. Her father was afraid. He could not comfort her after all. And she had not even told him everything.

From From Anna by Jean Little ©1972. Published by Scholastic.

Author interviews

Author Jean Little talks to Morningside listeners about losing her sight and how it influences her writing style