Fire Monster by Anita Lahey & Pauline Conley

Fire Monster is a graphic novel by Anita Lahey & Pauline Conley.

A graphic novel about an oil sands worker who returns to the town that blames him for its demise

The illustration features a black demon-looking character carrying an old woman draped in a cloth. Flames surround them. In the background is a forest.

Would you return to the landscape you watched burn as a child, especially if you and everyone else believed that the manic, wind-fuelled, merciless fire was your fault?

Set in a fictional version of the real Main-à-Dieu, Nova Scotia, where a 1976 wildfire caused catastrophic devastation, The Fire Monster, tells the tale of a skilled oil sands worker who returns to the Cape Breton fishing village where, as a child, he was blamed for causing the fire that tore through the local community, consuming bush, trees, houses, boats, cars, animals and the century-old gothic church. At once a poetry collection, a story inspired by true events, and a visually stunning comic-book adventure, The Fire Monster is a mixed genre story for the ages that explores the aftermath of tragedy, the frayed bonds of friendship and family, and 's redemptive power. (From Palimpsest Press)

Anita Lahey is an Ottawa writer. Her books include Spinning Side Kick, Out to Dry in Cape Breton, The Mystery Shopping Cart and The Last Goldfish, which was a finalist for the Ottawa Book Award.She was also the series editor of the Best Canadian Poetry 21.

Pauline Conley recently transitioned from painting to comics. Fire Monster is her first graphic novel.

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