Extreme Vinyl Cafe

In which a grown man chases a rat into the trunk of his car, an octogenarian bungee jumps off a cruise ship and more stories about Dave, Morley and the gang from Stuart McLean.

Stuart McLean

If you ask them, Dave and Morley's friends will tell you that no matter how long you've known people, they can still surprise you.

After all, no one expects to see a grown man dive into the trunk of his car to chase a rat. And despite what they may claim, few people are actually prepared to have their backyard, never mind their 12-year-old son, shoot to stardom on YouTube's most watched videos. And yes, the sight of an 87-year-old bungee jumping off a cruise ship is... unusual. But well-wishers at the Vinyl Cafe will advise you to be philosophical about such things.

No matter who sends a volley of nails through your truck window, which mannequin is disrobed or how green your skin turns when your mom leaves town, life marches on. In Extreme Vinyl Cafe, bestselling author Stuart McLean regales us with the wild impulses and extreme behaviours of Canada's favourite characters at the Vinyl Cafe. (From Penguin Canada)

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From the book

When Stephanie was thirteen and babysitting her little brother for the first time, she had made Sam, who was about seven at the time, spend the entire afternoon cleaning her bedroom. At sixteen, she invited someone over — Sam never knew who — and he had been sent to his room with a video, a family-sized bag of chips and strict instructions not to come out for the entire evening.

Something about their relationship had changed. It was nothing either of them had done. It was just the relentless tides of breakfasts and dinners, of socks and underwear; time tumbling them the way ocean tumbles glass — smoothing the sharp edges, rolling the hard green of impatience into the emerald softness of love. It was just the work of the ocean and the laws of the family asserting themselves.

From "Sam Goes Green" in Extreme Vinyl Cafe by Stuart McLean ©2009. Published by Penguin Canada.

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