Explosions: Michael Bay and the Pyrotechnics of the Imagination

Explosions is a novel by Mathieu Poulin and translated by Aleshia Jensen.

Mathieu Poulin, translated by Aleshia Jensen

Mathieu Poulin brings us an action comedy of a novel, starring big-budget, explosion-happy movie director Michael Bay.

What if Bad Boys was a film about decolonization? What if The Rock was about failing to be recognized by one's peers? If Armageddon was about a post-human future and the mysteries of meaning? And Pearl Harbor a reflection on the freedom afforded an artist when transforming fact into fiction?

What if Michael Bay was, against all odds, a misunderstood cinematic genius? (From QC Fiction)

Des Explosions, the original French version, is Mathieu Poulin's first novel and Explosions is Aleshia Jensen's first translation of a novel. It was originally published in French in 2015.

Explosions is on the 2018 Governor General's Literary Award shortlist for translation.