A picture book by Elise Gravel.

Elise Gravel

An exploration of empathy and unity — featuring Elise Gravel's signature quirky monsters!

Everybody is unique and different. But we are all more similar than we think. Just like you:

Everybody has fears.

Everybody has moments of joy…and moments of sadness.

Everybody makes mistakes…and can fix them.

And, just like you, everybody needs to feel safe and valued.

From beloved children's author Elise Gravel comes a reassuring picture book, perfect for trying times. (From Scholastic Canada)

Elise Gravel is a Quebec author and illustrator. She is the author of several books for children, including The Bat, The Worst Book Ever, The Mushroom Fan Club, I Want a Monster! and What Is a Refugee

From the book

A book page from Everybody! by Elise Gravel. (Scholastic Canada)


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