Etty Darwin and the Four Pebble Problem

A picture book by Lauren Soloy.

Lauren Soloy

Etty Darwin and her famous father go for a walk to ponder life, science...and fairies! Inspired by the real-life daughter of Charles Darwin.

Etty loves make-believe.
Her dad loves science.
Etty believes in fairies.
Her dad would need to see some proof that they exist.
But they both love nature, conversation and each other.

A gorgeous rumination on belief and imagination featuring Henrietta (Etty) Darwin and her famous father, Charles. Etty went on to become a valued and keen editor of Charles's work and a thoughtful and intellectual being in her own right. This imagined conversation between Etty and Charles as they stroll around Charles's real-life "thinking track" explores their close relationship and shows that even science is nothing without an open mind and imagination. (From Tundra Books)

Lauren Soloy is an author and illustrator who lives in a 140-year-old house in the wilds of Nova Scotia. Her debut picture book, When Emily Was Small, was published in 2020 and was nominated for a 2021 Atlantic Book Award.


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