Elijah of Buxton

Christopher Paul Curtis's children's novel tells the story of Elijah Freeman, the first free person living in a Canadian refugee camp for slaves.

Christopher Paul Curtis

Eleven-year-old Elijah Freeman lives in Buxton, which was originally a refugee camp for slaves who escaped to Canada through the Underground Railroad. But Elijah was born in Buxton, making him the first person living there to never have been a slave. When Elijah gets the opportunity to go to the United States, he learns about slavery — and how fortunate he is to be free. Winner of the 2008 TD Canadian Children's Literature Award.

Elijah of Buxton is for readers ages 8 and up.

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From the book

It was Sunday after church and all my chores were done. I was sitting on the stoop of our home trying to think what to do. It was that time of day when the birds were getting ready to be quiet and the toady-frogs were starting to get louder with that chirpity sound they make most the night. I wondered if it would be worth it to go fishing for a hour afore it got dark. I got that question answered when Cooter came walking up the road waving at me.

From Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis ©2007. Published by Scholastic Canada.

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