Edible and Medicinal Arctic Plants

A nonfiction book by Aalasi Joamie, Anna Ziegler and Rebecca Hainnu.

Aalasi Joamie, Anna Ziegler & Rebecca Hainnu

As a little girl in Pangnirtung, Nunavut, Aalasi Joamie learned from her mother how to identify and harvest plants. Later, a mother herself and living in Niaqunnguuq, she continued the practice, living off the land and passing her knowledge on to the next generation. In this introductory guide to traditional plant use — originally published as Walking with Aalasi — Aalasi shares her memories and knowledge of 18 plants commonly found in the Canadian Arctic

From plant identification and environmentally respectful collection to traditional uses and recipes, Edible and Medicinal Arctic Plants teaches readers how to reap the benefits of the natural world around them. (From Inhabit Media)