Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome

Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome us Megan Gail Coles's debut book of short fiction.

Megan Gail Coles

Eating Habits Of The Chronically Lonesome will leave you struck, yet, exhilarated. The exploration of starvation and consumption is at the core of each character; what does our hunger reveal about the state of our soft hearts? Ellen jumps rope on rooftops in the searing Korean sun. She has sworn off carbohydrates until she can find pants that fit. Damon resents his two dollar chow mein bought on a Montreal curb. There are half-eaten poutines on living room floors and greasy corn kernels stuck to chins. There are weak cocktails, cheap coffees, white plastic forks and cigarettes. Everywhere.These interwoven stories are propulsive. They pull back the blast shield to reveal blinding interior voices; unrepentant and raw. (From Killick)

From the book

A painted blonde child of about six is crying to my Thai masseuse. Coral lipstick is smudged across her face while blue mascara runs trenches down her fat cheeks. The masseuse comforts the girl in Thai and I'm surprised when she nods her head in response. The child's features take on a new Asian quality as I search for a family resemblance. The pair becomes distracted by someone approaching to our left. I was initially annoyed by the interruption. A screaming child is not relaxing. But now I'm intrigued.

From "There are Tears in this Coconut" by Megan Gail Coles, Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome ©2014. Published by Killick.