eat salt | gaze at the ocean

eat salt gaze at the ocean is a poetry collection by Junie Désil.

Junie Désil

eat salt | gaze at the ocean explores the themes of Black sovereignty, Haitian sovereignty, and Black lives, using the Haitian (original) zombie as a metaphor for the condition and treatment of Black bodies. Interspersed with information about zombies, Haiti, and policies is the author's personal narrative of growing up Black and Haitian of immigrant parents on stolen land. The collection is divided into two sections: the first half focusses on zombies, while the second focusses on the ocean/water and the violent crossing experienced by enslaved folks. The book's title refers to the "cure" for reversing the process of becoming a zombie. (From talonbooks)

Junie Désil is a poet of Haitan descent who was born in Montreal, raised in Winnipeg and now lives in British Columbia. Her work has appeared in Room and Prism. eat salt | gaze at the ocean is her first book.

Interviews with Junie Désil 

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson on why she loves Eat Salt Gaze at the Ocean by Junie Désil.

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