Each One a Furnace

A poetry collection by Tolu Oloruntoba.

Tolu Oloruntoba

Book cover

Each One a Furnace explores (im)migration, diasporas, transience and instability by following the behaviour, and abundant variety, of finches. The often-migratory birds in these poems typify the unrest, and inability to rest, that animate the lives of billions in the modern world. Out of the register of ornithology, themes of difficulty, adversity, and migrancy, urban ennui, and the psychic struggles of diasporic peoples take shape as those unable to be at rest in the world take to improbable flight. 

Trailing the global mobility of birds, in urban and non-urban settings, in historical and contemporary contexts, and through the metaphysical and concrete, Each One a Furnace is a chronicle of struggle within, and between, cultures. (From McClelland & Stewart)

Each One a Furnace is available on March 22, 2022.

Tolu Oloruntoba is a writer from Nigeria who now lives in Vancouver. His first full-length poetry collection, The Junta of Happenstancewon the 2021 Governor General's Literary Award for poetry. He is the founder of the literary magazine Klorofyl and author of the chapbook Manubrium, which was shortlisted for the 2020 bpNichol Chapbook Award. 

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