Dragonfly Song

This thrilling novel for middle grade readers follow a girl known only as No-Name as she finds her voice and her identity in ancient times.

Wendy Orr

In Dragonfly Song, Wendy Orr weaves an intriguing mythological portrayal of the Bronze Age Minoan civilization on the island of Crete, where subject nations are forced to send youths each year to dance with bulls in the god-king's bloody ceremonies. Inspired by Crete's frescoes showing figures leaping over the backs of bulls, and by the legend of the Minotaur, Orr spins a gripping story of danger and destiny that will appeal to fans of Percy Jackson and The Hunger Games.​

Aissa is a resourceful and resilient heroine who possesses a mysterious bond with animals. Mute since the traumatic raider attack that took the only family she ever knew, and spurned by a community that thinks she carries bad luck, Aissa takes her survival, identity, and destiny into her own hands. In a world where the gods demand perfection, Aissa —scarred, silent and rejected — dares to fight for her own worth. (From Pajama Press

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