Dominoes at the Crossroads

Dominoes at the Crossroads is a short story collection by Kaie Kellough.

Kaie Kellough

In Dominoes at the Crossroads, Kaie Kellough maps an alternate nation — one populated by Caribbean Canadians who hopscotch across the country. The characters navigate race, class, and coming-of-age. Seeking opportunity, some fade into the world around them, even as their minds hitchhike, dream, and soar. Some appear in different times and hemispheres, whether as student radicals, secret agents, historians, fugitive slaves, or jazz musicians.

From the cobblestones of Montreal's Old Port through the foliage of a South American rainforest; from a basement in wartime Paris to a metro in Montréal during the October Crisis; Kellough's fierce imagination reconciles the personal and ancestral experience with the present moment, grappling with the abiding feeling of being elsewhere, even when here. (From Esplanade Books)

Kellough is a writer based in Montreal. His novel Accordéon was a finalist for the Amazon Canada First Novel Award in 2017. He is also the author of the poetry collection Magnetic Equator.

Interviews with Kaie Kellough

Montreal poet Kaie Kellough takes us on a tour of his chosen home. Filmmaker: Craig Desson 7:03
Mike Payette is the new Artistic Director of Geordie Productions and Kaie Kellough calls himself a word-sound systemizer. Both share personal stories behind their music picks! 54:00

Other books by Kaie Kellough


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