Disciples is a graphic novel by Benjamin Marra, David Birke and Nicholas McCarthy.

Benjamin Marra, David Birke & Nicholas McCarthy

Marin County, 1978. In this graphic novel, teens Clara and Wendy get high one night alone at home. Before the night ends, they've disappeared — until five months later, when Clara is found, disheveled, but alive, in Death Valley National Park.

From Clara's mysterious reappearance in Death Valley, Disciples cuts to the present day, where stories of "The California Cult" and its enigmatic — and never-caught — leader, Billy Joe, are as much a part of the popular culture as the Manson Family. Clara, the lone survivor of the cult, has adopted a new identity to protect her and her daughter, Wren. And she mostly does, until one night when the past and present horrifically collide. (From Fantagraphics)

Benjamin Marra is a cartoonist based in Toronto. His previous graphic novels include American Blood, Night Business and Terror Assaulter (O.M.W.O.T.). He received a Grammy nomination for best boxed or special limited edition package in 2017 for the Wayfaring Strangers album Acid Nightmares. 

David Birke is a screenwriter from Los Angeles, known for films like Elle and Slender Man.

Nicholas McCarthy is a filmmaker.