Deer Life

Deer Life is Ron Sexsmith's debut novel is a fairytale about witchcraft, bullying and revenge.

Ron Sexsmith

Deryn Hedlight was not having a very good day and it was about to get much worse. He'd read stories of witches as a boy, but never believed for a second they were true. That is, until an unfortunate hunting accident turns his world upside down. What seemed like an honest mistake leads to an altogether unexpected transformation. But poor Deryn wasn't the only wronged character tied up in these gloomy circumstances and sinister forces. 

Deer Life tells the story of a kind-hearted boy from Hinthoven and his mother's undying love. Mostly though, it's all about patience, friendship, and heroism where you least expect it. (From Durndun Press)

Deer Life is available in September 2017.