Deep House

Thomas King's novel is the latest in the Thumps Dreadfulwater mystery series.

Thomas King

For the first time since the pandemic, Thumps DreadfulWater has finally found some peace in small-town Chinook. Sure, his beloved cat is still missing and his relationship with Claire is more than uncertain, but at least he can relax in the comfort of his home. And now that local businesses are starting to open their doors again, everything can go back to normal.

But when Thumps unintentionally discovers a body at the bottom of a treacherous canyon, he becomes entangled once again in an inexplicable mystery. As more puzzling details come to the surface, Thumps begins to question whom he can truly trust — especially when an unexpected visitor walks back into his life.

In the follow-up to Obsidian, a Globe and Mail Favourite of 2020, Thumps DreadfulWater returns with wit and wry humour to solve a mystery that only Thomas King could create. (From HarperCollins Canada)

Thomas King is a Canadian-American writer of Cherokee and Greek ancestry. He delivered the 2003 Massey Lectures, The Truth about Stories. His books include Truth & Bright WaterGreen Grass, Running Water, which was on Canada Reads 2004; The Inconvenient Indian, which was on Canada Reads 2015; and The Back of the Turtle, which won the Governor General's Literary Award for fiction in 2014. He also writes the DreadfulWater mystery series.

Interviews with Thomas King

Since its release nearly three decades ago, writer Thomas King's acclaimed short story Borders has gone through several permutations. The latest adaptation is a graphic novel, illustrated by Métis artist Natasha Donovan. King and Donovan discuss the new adaptation and why it continues to resonate today.
Thomas King talks to Shelagh Rogers about his latest novel, Sufferance.
Thomas King talks about the autobiographical inspiration by his novel Indians on Vacation, which is longlisted for the 2020 Scotiabank Giller Prize.


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