Day for Night

A novel by Jean McNeil.

Jean McNeil

Richard Cottar is a respected independent film writer and director; his wife, Joanna, is his increasingly successful and wealthy producer. Together they are about to embark on a film about the life of Walter Benjamin, the German Jewish intellectual who killed himself in northern Spain while on the run from the Nazis in 1940. In what looks set to be the last year of Britain's membership of the European Union, Benjamin's story of exile and statelessness is more relevant than ever. But Richard and Joanna's symbiotic life takes a sudden turn when they cast an intelligent, sexually ambiguous young actor in the role of Walter Benjamin. In a climate of fear and a bizarre, superheated year redolent of sex and hidden desire, Richard and Joanna must confront their relationship, Benjamin's tragic history, and the future of their country.

Taking its cue from Virginia Woolf's OrlandoDay for Night is an unsettling, riveting story of reversals — of gender, power, and history. (From ECW Press)

Day for Night is available in May 2021.

Jean McNeil is a Canadian writer who lives in the U.K. She is the author of several books, including Ice Diaries: an Antarctic Memoir. Her story The Kusi made the 2018 CBC Nonfiction Prize longlist

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