David Jumps In

A picture book by Alan Woo, illustrated by Katty Maurey.

Alan Woo, illustrated by Katty Maurey

(Kids Can Press)

This lyrical tale, written in simple free verse, tells how a game with roots in ancient China — called elastic skip in this story — helps a boy find his footing on his first day at a new school. It is David's first day at his brand-new school. He doesn't know anyone. At recess, he stands alone and watches the other children enjoying their activities on the playground, from practicing soccer moves and climbing monkey bars to playing hopscotch and daydreaming in the grass. Bundled deep inside David's pocket is a string of rubber bands, knotted and ready for a game of elastic skip. But will anyone want to try that game? he wonders. Will anyone want to play with him?

With simple, lyrical free verse, Alan Woo echoes the singsong of schoolyard games to draw readers into the deeper levels of this lovely and poignant picture book story. Exploring the themes of friendship, diversity, belonging and inclusion, the book also celebrates David's self-acceptance and comfort with his own unique identity. (From Kids Can Press)

Alan Woo is a Vancouver-based writer. His work of poetry and short stories have appeared in Ricepaper magazine and Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine. Woo's 2013 picture book Maggie's Chopsticks won the Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature Prize.

Katty Maurey is a Montreal-based illustrator and has worked on various children's books. Her books are published in both French and English, and have also been translated to Spanish, Catalan, Korean and Japanese. She was nominated for the Governor General's Award for French-language children's illustration for work in Quand j'étais chien written by Louise Bombardier.

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