Darrel J. McLeod's favourite Canadian book of 2018: Trickster Drift by Eden Robinson

As the year draws to a close, CBC Books is asking Canadian writers for their favourite titles of 2018.
Darrel J. McLeod's favourite book of 2018 was Trickster Drift by Eden Robinson. (Knopf Canada/Ilja Herb)

As the year draws to a close, CBC Books is asking Canadian writers for their favourite books of 2018. Darrel J. McLeod is the author of the Mamaskatch, which won the 2018 Governor General's Literary Award for nonfiction.​

McLeod recommends reading Trickster Drift by Eden Robinson.

"My favourite book of 2018 is Trickster Drift by Eden Robinson. Eden's amazing writing style shines through brilliantly, once again: the words fly off the page — which allows the reader to experience the characters, scenes and plot vividly because the mechanics of reading don't ever get in the way. Eden's characters are vibrant and real — I actually expect to bump into a few of them the next time I'm in Vancouver. I want to meet Jared and befriend him. I want to congratulate Mave for taking in Jared, her nephew, in and helping him the way she does. I want to shake Hank and tell him to get a life. I want to guide Jared to the professional and spiritual help he so desperately needs. Although, is it too late? — is the question that the ending leaves us with (I won't say more because of 'spoiler' risk.)"


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