Darkest Light

Hiromi Goto's fantasy novel, illustrated by Jillian Tamaki, is about a teenage boy on a journey of redemption and self-discovery.

Hiromi Goto, illustrated by Jillian Tamaki

Sixteen-year-old Gee is a loner, and his classmates are scared of him. When he decides to leave his family behind to travel to the Half World, he doesn't realize that he holds the key to keeping peace in these alternate worlds. An engaging fantasy graphic novel about redemption and self-discovery.

Darkest Light is for readers ages 13 and up.

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From the book

Gee's longest companion, apart from his popo, had been disquiet. When he was very little he didn't know what the feeling was called, but he always knew it was there, and sometimes it would flare up with the darkest light, so much so that he'd be filled with trembling. He never knew if this trembling was fear or excitement. He did not want to look at it so very closely.

From Darkest Light by Hiromi Goto ©2012. Published by Razorbill Canada.

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