Current, Climate

A collection of Rita Wong's poetry, edited by Nicholas Bradley.

Rita Wong, edited by Nicholas Bradley

Current, Climate is an introduction to the environmental and social-justice poetry of Rita Wong. Selections from her poetic oeuvre show how Wong has responded to local and global inequities with outrage, linguistic inventiveness and sometimes humour. Wong's poetry explores the meeting places of life, language and land — from downtown Vancouver to the headwaters of the Columbia River. Her poems are deeply attentive to places and their names, and especially to the imposition of foreign words on the unceded Indigenous lands of what is otherwise known as British Columbia. Exhorting readers to recognize their responsibilities to the planet and to their communities, Wong's watershed poetics encompass anger, grief, wit and hope. (From Wilfrid Laurier Press)

Rita Wong is an award-winning poet and author of four books, including undercurrent, perpetual and forage. She lives in Vancouver.

Nicholas Bradley is an associate professor at the University of Victoria. He is the author of the poetry collection Rain Shadow.

Current, Climate publishes on July 27, 2021.