Ron MacLean, with Kirstie McLellan Day, tells stories from his career, broadcasting cornerstone moments in Canadian sports.

Ron MacLean, with Kirstie McLellan Day

A Saturday night spent with Ron MacLean has been a tradition for 25 years. Known for his quick wit, arched eyebrows and encyclopedic hockey knowledge, MacLean is the skilled ringmaster of Canada's most watched weekly program. He has interviewed the greatest players, coaches and personalities of an era and is a master at coaxing the best in substance and entertainment from his guests, as well as from his opinionated and often irascible co-host, Don Cherry, on Coach's Corner. And he has never written a book — until now.

Cornered is packed with inside accounts — some inspiring,many hilarious — from his early days as a part-time radio announcer and weather forecaster in Red Deer, Alberta, to his time hosting Hockey Night in Canada and the Olympics. Perhaps no other journalist has witnessed first-hand more Canadian sports milestones in the past quarter century. From Gretzky to Catriona, Mario to Salé and Pelletier, MacLean has been there with an eye for detail and an appreciation for what makes a great story. (From HarperCollins)

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From the book

I was always happy, but secretly worried about life. I can vividly remember being nine years old and lying in bed thinking, "Rats! I'm going to have to grow up and life won't be easy like it is now. I really enjoy school. I love Mom and Dad. It's all so nice. It'll never be better than this."

I've had that thought a lot of times. In fact, to this day, when Don Cherry and I crack a beer in the hotel room after Hockey Night in Canada, it's kind of a line we say to one another — "Who could beat this?"

From Cornered by Ron MacLean with Kirstie McLellan Day ©2011. Published by HarperCollins.

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