Coming to Canada

A comic by Starkie Mak.

Starkie Mak

With sensitivity and tenderness, Starkie Mak has captured a tale of the immigrant experience, from the eyes of a child. Masterfully rendered with careful homage paid the children's books that have touched the hearts of so many, Mak's brush strokes and calligraphy evoke the turbulent emotions and difficulties a child must surely experience when having their little world upended, only to have a much larger and foreign world unfold before them.

In a heartbreaking parting, a child says goodbye to her family and is left with her imagination as guide. In search of a new life in a new land, a child retreats into the realm of fantasy. Through the devastating pain of childhood loss emerges the joy of a child's triumph. (From At Bay Press)

Coming to Canada is available in September 2021.

Starkie Mak is an artist, writer, illustrator and art teacher for children. Her paintings have been exhibited across Europe and Asia. Mak moved to Toronto from Hong Kong in 2018.

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