Cold Snap

A book by Maureen Jennings.

Maureen Jennings

December 1936. Charlotte Frayne, Private Investigator, is pulled into a dangerous international plot when her boss, Mr. Gilmore, provides shelter to a relative in grave danger. Stephen, a refugee from Germany, is privy to information that could change the very future of a country still reeling from the devastation of the War to End All Wars — and at his heels are powerful forces that will do anything to ensure his intelligence never sees the light of day.

Meanwhile, Charlotte's estranged mother reappears, wanting her help to find a child she gave up at birth twenty years ago. Despite her turbulent feelings, Charlotte agrees to investigate, not knowing that the two cases will connect in surprising ways.

Back at the Paradise Café, Christmas draws near and Charlotte's beau Hilliard Taylor and his partners are in disagreement about the holiday concert. With her beloved grandfather in the mix, there's no telling whether the show will end in good tidings or tyranny. (From Cormorant Books)

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