Cold Skies

Cold Skies is a mystery novel by Thomas King.

Thomas King

Thumps DreadfulWater has finally found some peace and quiet. His past as a California cop now far behind him, he's living out his retirement as a fine arts photographer in the small town of Chinook. His health isn't great, and he could use a new stove, but as long as he's got his cat and a halfway decent plate of eggs, life is good.

All that changes when a body turns up on the eve of a major water conference and the understaffed sheriff's department turns to Thumps for help. Thumps wants none of it, but even he is intrigued when he learns the deceased was developing a new technology that could revolutionize water and oil drilling... and that could also lose some very powerful people a lot of money. As strangers begin to pour into Chinook for the conference, Thumps finds himself sinking deeper and deeper into a conflict between secretive players who will kill to get what they want.

In Cold Skies, the sly, wry, reluctant investigator of DreadfulWater and The Red Power Murders returns for another irresistible mystery that only Thomas King could tell. (From HarperCollins Canada)

From the book

Bob Tatum wheeled his suitcase from the baggage area to the car rental desk and tried to work the stiffness out of his back and legs. The flight from Seattle to Great Falls had been on time, but the commuter from Great Falls had been on time, but the commuter from Great Falls to Chinook had developed a mechanical problem and had sat on the tarmac for almost five hours.

Always a crowd-pleaser.

He had wound up next to a bony blonde with a collection of shopping bags, which she arranged around her like party pillows. Tatum had tried to ignore her. He rolled up against the window, his neck bent at an awkward angle, while the woman opened packages, removed cellophane, and pulled tape off designer boxes. In the confines of the small plane, it sounded as though she were ripping tin off a roof.

From Cold Skies by Thomas King ©2018. Published by HarperCollins.

Interviews with Thomas King

Thomas King talks to Shelagh Rogers about Cold Skies, the latest instalment of his Dreadful Water mystery series. 13:52

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