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Claire Kelly on the 'deliberate and unwavering' poems in Amber McMillan's We Can't Ever Do This Again

To celebrate National Poetry Month, Claire Kelly, author of One Thing — Then Another, shares a poetry collection that is meaningful to her.
Claire Kelly recommends reading We Can't Ever Do This Again by Amber McMillan. (Wolsak & Wynn, Rob Ross)

April is National Poetry Month! To celebrate, we're canvassing Canadian poets and asking them what Canadian poetry book has been meaningful to them.

Claire Kelly is the author of the poetry collection One Thing — Then Another: PoemsDivided into three sections — EastAndWest — the book describes the disruption of moving from a small town to a big city, from a place of need to a place of prosperity.

A Canadian poetry collection that Kelly says has been meaningful to her is We Can't Ever Do This Again by Amber McMillan, published in 2015.

"Canadian poets are creating such superlative work so it was hard to choose just one. A recent book that I have been reflecting on is Amber McMillan's 2015 collection We Can't Ever Do This Again. I am impressed by the way she gets at the different scales and rhythms of living: the intimacies, the expanses, the depths and shallows. The book is deliberate and unwavering and is one that I've returned to for enjoyment, but also when wanting to think about thoughtfulness and precision in my own work. It's a must-read."



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