Circling the Midnight Sun

James Raffan's book chronicles the three years he spent travelling the Arctic to better understand climate change.

James Raffan

James Raffan spent three years circling the Arctic, travelling more than 17,000km in total, to to find out what northerners are saying about climate change. He published his findings, and chronicled his compelling journey, in Circling the Midnight Sun.

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From the book

It was not the Arctic you might expect. It was lush and warm and greener than Greenland. There were blue poppies here the size of dinner plates. and the last polar bear to arrive here was shot dead as an undesirable. It was sad, really. There was a time when sea ice would last through the summer months in the Denmark Strait. Bears would use these rafts for loafing between spring and fall. But with global warming, that option was gone.

From Circling the Midnight Sun by James Raffan ©2014. Published by HarperCollins Canada.

Author interviews

James Raffan on climate, culture in Arctic

8 years ago
Duration 11:23
The author talks about his new book called Circling the Midnight Sun.
Shelagh's extended conversation with James Raffan, author of "Circling the Midnight Sun".