Choosing Hope

Choosing Hope: One Woman, Three Cancers is a book by Munira Premji.

Munira Premji

Choosing Hope: One Woman. Three Cancers. is the story of how the author battled three advanced cancers: Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma, and Stage 3 Breast Cancer within a period of five years. It is an inspirational story about resilience and hope in the face of overwhelming odds in the face of death. The book is written as a series of anecdotes, based on entries from a blog the author started shortly her first diagnosis, when her focus was simply on surviving. The blog was her way of exploring and sharing what was happening to her in real time; it describes moments of utter darkness and light, of hopelessness and hope, of intense pain and then relief. It provided a venue for the author-patient to connect with other people, and to support other individuals who were diagnosed with cancer. Choosing Hope captures the psychological, physical, and emotional impacts of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. It is easy to read and anecdotal in style, moving and yet full of the humour that helped the author to get through. This book will appeal to recently diagnosed cancer patients and survivors and their families, as well as caregivers, and to others facing health challenges. (From Mawenzi House Publishers Ltd.)

Choosing Hope is available in April 2020.

Premji is a leadership expert, human resources practitioner and executive coach. She is also a cancer survivor. Choosing Hope is her first book.