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Lynn Crosbie

Set in lesser known parts of Los Angeles, Chicken uproariously, grievously, relates the collision and inevitably ruinous paths of two incendiary figures. One is the once beautiful and famous Parnell Wilde, a maverick actor arrogant in his orgiastic fall. The other is Annabel Wrath, a much younger, idiosyncratic cult filmmaker with contradictory motives for seeking the older man out.

The two are profoundly altered by their meeting and its unlikely denouement and manage to wrest each other, however briefly, from their dizzying spirals of decline. But when Parnell is offered the chance to perform in the sequel to Ultraviolence, the feature film that made him famous, and to work again with its brilliant but merciless director, he and Annabel are forced to confront their demons as the extreme and fleeting world of fame threatens to divide them. (From House of Anansi)

From the book

I have not shaved, or showered for that matter, in well over a week.

I do not like to leave my sofa bed, which is so laden with crumbs it feels like the beach by the Dead Sea, a rough, shadowy expanse trimming the water that once held me up like Disco Jesus — hair longish and feathered, clean-shaven and granite-jawed.

But the sickness is in charge, not me.

I manage to get up and order two bottles of Thunderbird and a carton of American Legends from Pink Dot.

"Throw in some ramen noodles and cheese puffs," I say. "Pack of gum, a comb."

From Chicken by Lynn Crosbie ©2018. Published by House of Anansi.


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