Checking In

Adeena Karasick's Checking In is a poetry collection that examines the pitfalls of our increasingly "connected" world and omnipresent internet culture.

Adeena Karasick

Checking In reminds us that we are living in a resonant present, where the past is always with us — and our icons, idols, and ideologies are posting, poking, sharing, and liking. Through rhythmic oscillation, dissonant ambiance, and sonoric exuberance, Checking In forges a site of radical grafting linkages, codes, indeces and ludic identities — it rhapsodically erupts as a hypertextual twining of both intimate and social space. And, as an interdisciplinary and paradoxical repository of fragments, updates, analysis, echoes, and provocations, re-presented in a slippery ellipsis of contexts and possibilities — inter-subjective theaters of infinite reframing.

A celebratory rhapsody, reminding us how the Internet is not only voyeuristic but a mirage. Its data is absurd, and as such speaks to the way we seek answers, but with answers to questions that have never been asked. We seek fulfillment but enter an unbound, unsettling, uninhibited flow of information where every data point only refers back to itself and the culture of techno-capitalism of the Web. (From Talonbooks)