Chasing Rivers by Tamar Glouberman

A memoir about being a a female whitewater guide on some of the most challenging rivers in North America.

A memoir about being a a female whitewater guide on some of the most challenging rivers in North America

The book cover is an aerial photo of a river flowing vertically with rock and green grass on either side.
Chasing Rivers is a book by Tamar Glouberman. (Douglas & McIntyre)

The thrilling story of a female whitewater guide working on some of the most challenging and remote rafting rivers in North America, from Northern British Columbia to the Grand Canyon and beyond.

When Tamar Glouberman was in her twenties and thirties, rivers were flowing through every aspect of her life. Whitewater and the paddling community bring excitement, friendships, lovers and a connection to the natural world as she traverses the map in search of her next adventure. As a short woman who nearly failed high-school gym, Glouberman does not fit the stereotype of a kayaker or raft guide and must prove herself time and again. Yet she feels more at home on water than land.

Driven to guide increasingly dangerous rivers, Tamar overcomes her self doubts and challenges both on and off the water, using a combination of grit and wit. But when a rafting trip ends in a fatal accident, she is consumed by guilt and exiles herself from the rivers she loves, convinced she can never return. Tamar must eventually decide if being unable to save her passenger's life means she also must sacrifice her own.

A raw and honest work from a talented new voice in adventure writing, Tamar's memoir is a page-turner, transporting readers through wild rapids and breathtaking canyons, navigating eddies and currents, as she learns from the river that finding self-forgiveness might be the most hard-to-reach destination of all. (From Douglas & McIntyre)

Tamar Glouberman is an outdoor guide and a graduate of the creative writing MFA program at UBC. When she's not off exploring the wilderness, she can often be found in Whistler, Montreal or on Vancouver Island. 

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