Chasing Freedom

Gloria Ann Wesley's young adult novel tells the story of Sarah and her family, as they flee to Nova Scotia from the United States.

Gloria Ann Wesley

Sarah Redmond's family is living in the middle of the American Revolution. One night, her father joins the British army, hoping that doing so will finally give his family freedom. When the war ends, he has yet to return, and Sarah and the rest of her family prepare to leave the newly formed United States and head to one of the British colonies: Birchtown, Nova Scotia. Chasing Freedom documents an important part of Canadian history, but also tells the story of a brave girl taking on a brand new world.

Chasing Freedom is for readers ages 16 and up.

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From the book

Grandmother looked directly at Sarah and came to a sudden stop. "Hush," she whispered. An unfamiliar noise disturbed the stillness and the forest shivered. Grandmother and Sarah struggled to slow their thundering hearts by hastily puffing in the cool morning air. Danger lurked all around. It could come at a moment's notice in the form of slave hunters or other wicked men about. Saying or doing the wrong thing could get you whipped, jailed or shot.

From Chasing Freedom by Gloria Ann Wesley ©2011. Published by Roseway.

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