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Carmen Aguirre is an author, actor and playwright.
Carmen Aguirre is the author of Mexican Hooker #1. (

Carmen Aguirre is an author, actor and playwright currently living in Vancouver, B.C. Aguirre came to Canada when she was six years old. She returned to Chile as a young woman to join the underground resistance movement against the country's military dictatorship. She returned to Canada in 1990, where she began working as an actor, playwright and writer. She has written and co-written 25 plays, including Chile Con Carne, The Refugee Hotel and Blue Box

Aguirre is the author of two memoirs: Something Fierce and Mexican Hooker #1Something Fierce won Canada Reads 2012, when it was defended by Shad.

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Carmen Aguirre always wanted to be an actor, and to do that she had deal first with trauma in her childhood. The author of Mexican Hooker #1 joins Portia Clark in conversation on Radio Active.
Carmen Aguirre on her latest memoir.