Tales from the True North Strong and Freezing by podcasters Jeremy Taggart & Jonathan Torrens.

Jeremy Taggart & Jonathan Torrens

Sprung from their hugely successful podcast Canadianity, Taggart (that guy from that band) and Torrens (that guy from that show) share a collection of showbiz tales from the road and relatable everyday anecdotes, all wrapped up in a nostalgic fondness for this great country. Canadianity takes readers on a cross-country journey, shining the spotlight on notable local heroes (or bahds), the best places to crush food and the greasiest watering holes, coast to coast to coast. Replete with lists of Canada's top bands, television shows and athletes, as well as random observations about everything this country has to offer, Canadianity is often provocative and always hilarious. Drawing on their combined experiences as a legendary drummer (Our Lady Peace) and a veteran talk-show host (Jonovision) respectively, Taggart and Torrens have infused their first book with equal parts beer and pop culture and added a heaping helping of irreverence. (From HarperCollins)

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From the book

Hey, bahd! Congratulations on buying this book! Don't let anyone tell you that you didn't accomplish something today.

Unless maybe your aunt who doesn't know you that well gave it to you for your birthday. Or you just got transferred to a job in the Great White North and a colleague gave it to you as a joke "Canadian primer." Or you found an old Indigo gift card when you were cleaning out the Kia and grabbed this off the clearance table beside the cash before the card expired.

No matter how this glorious tome ended up in your hands, welcome! We're glad you're here.

From Canadianity by Jeremy Taggart & Jonathan Torrens ©2017. Published by HarperCollins.

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