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Why Kaniehtiio Horn chose Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson for Canada Reads 2020

The debates take place March 16-19, 2020 and will be hosted by Ali Hassan.
Kaniehtiio Horn is defending Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson on Canada Reads 2020. (CBC)

Kaniehtiio Horn will defend the novel Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson on Canada Reads 2020.

Son of a Trickster tells the story of a 16-year-old named Jared who is known in his community for making the best weed cookies and for having a scary mom. Jared takes care of his struggling family the best he can and shrugs off the fact that the ravens are talking to him.

Horn is a Canadian actor who stars as Mari in the National Geographic series Barkskins, based on the 2016 bestselling novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Proulx, and currently appears in the critically acclaimed comedy series Letterkenny.

Canada Reads 2020 will take place July 20-23.

At a live event on Jan. 22, 2020, Horn talked about Canada Reads and Son of a Trickster.

Why Canada Reads?

"I grew up reading. My dad used to read to me before bed. I want to encourage young people to read. It scares me to think of a world without books."

It's got magic in it and I think it's accessible to all Canadians.- Kaniehtiio Horn

Why Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson?

"I read Son of a Trickster about a year ago. I remember in the first few pages I was like, 'Holy. Just dirty, mean language.' But I was like, 'I'm going to keep going.' Jared the protagonist reminded me of my nieces and nephews. I feel like I knew the characters. I've grown up with the characters. I could see myself in the characters and having this magical element really drew me to it. It was very attractive to me. 

"I think it highlights the Indigenous experience in Canada, but without shoving the trauma and the hardships and the realities that we face as Indigenous people in Canada down your throat. It's got magic in it and I think it's accessible to all Canadians."

Kaniehtiio Horn's comments were taken from a live Canada Reads event with all the panellists and authors, hosted by Here & Now's Gill Deacon.

The books and celebrity champions of Canada Reads 2020 have been revealed! This year's panellists and authors gathered for a live event hosted by Gill Deacon in Toronto to launch the new season of CBC's annual battle of the books.

The Canada Reads 2020 contenders

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