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Get to know the five Canada Reads contenders before the debates begin March 27.

Five books, five champions, one winner: CBC's annual battle of the books starts on March 27, 2017. Get caught up on the five books that will be debated by watching the trailers below.

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1. Company Town by Madeline Ashby

Company Town: Book trailer for Canada Reads 2017

6 years ago
Duration 0:39
Company Town, by futurist Madeline Ashby, takes place on a city-sized oil rig off the coast of Newfoundland.

Company Town will be defended by Measha Brueggergosman. This trailer was narrated by Kimmy Choi.

2. Nostalgia by M.G. Vassanji

Nostalgia: Book trailer for Canada Reads 2017

6 years ago
Duration 0:38
In Nostalgia, a speculative fiction novel by M.G. Vassanji, humans have figured out away to delete old memories and replace them with new pasts.

Nostalgia will be defended by Jody Mitic. This trailer was narrated by Ted Atherton.

3. The Break by Katherena Vermette

The Break: Book trailer for Canada Reads 2017

6 years ago
Duration 0:43
The Break, written by Katherena Vermette, unfolds in the aftermath of a violent sexual assault of a young Indigenous girl in Winnipeg.

The Break will be defended by Candy Palmater. This trailer was narrated by Jessica Matten.

4. Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis

Fifteen Dogs: Book trailer for Canada Reads 2017

6 years ago
Duration 0:39
Fifteen Dogs, written by André Alexis, follows a group of dogs that have been gifted with human consciousness.

Fifteen Dogs will be defended by Humble The Poet. This trailer was narrated by Conrad Coates.

5. The Right to Be Cold by Sheila Watt-Cloutier

The Right to Be Cold: Book trailer for Canada Reads 2017

6 years ago
Duration 0:40
The Right to Be Cold is a memoir by Sheila Watt-Cloutier, who is internationally recognized for her advocacy work on climate change.

The Right to Be Cold will be defended by Chantal Kreviazuk. This trailer was narrated by Cheri Maracle.

Book trailers created by:
Ann Jansen, Writer and Director
Alex Redekop, Sound Designer
Exan Auyoung, Video Producer
Robert Megna, Editor
Visuals courtesy of CBC Archives, Pond 5 and Getty Images.


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