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The Outlander

The protagonist of Gil Adamson's acclaimed novel is Mary, who is 19 years old and on the run from the law after killing her husband.

Gil Adamson

The protagonist of Gil Adamson's acclaimed novel is Mary, 19 years old, half-mad and on the run from the law. She has just killed her husband, and her brothers-in-law and their bloodhounds are hot on her trail and set on vengeance. Blending together elements of Gothic fiction, historical fiction and the Wild West, The Outlander is a story readers won't forget.

First published in 2007, The Outlander won the First Novel Award. The book was a Canada Reads finalist in 2009, when it was championed by Nicholas Campbell.

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From the book

Sometimes discontent is unknown to the sufferer, a shadowed thing that creeps up from behind. It had been that way for Mary. Of course she knew there were reasons for her unhappiness, there are always reasons. One thinks, I am unhappy, I am discontent, because of this or that. But such thoughts are like a painting of sorrow, not sorrow itself. Then one day it comes, hushed and ferocious, and reasons don't matter anymore.

From The Outlander by Gil Adamson ©2007. Published by House of Anansi.

Author interviews

Gil Adamson reads the title&nbsp;work from her book of poems called <em>Primitive</em>, and discusses her inspiration for the poems.

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