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Frank Parker Day's novel is a story of ambition, conflict and struggle for survival on a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Frank Parker Day

In this 1928 novel by Frank Parker Day, Rockbound is an island off the coast of Nova Scotia, and it's a harsh, unforgiving place. Stormy weather, dangerous fishing grounds and feuding families dominate this small sliver of land in the Atlantic Ocean. When native son David Jung returns to Rockbound to claim part of the island as his inheritance, he faces the very worst it has to offer. This evocative story of ambition, conflict and struggle for survival is now considered a Canadian classic.

Rockbound was the winner of Canada Reads 2005. It was championed by Donna Morrissey.

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When David was eighteen he heard from some of the Outport fishermen that his great-uncle Uriah, the rich king of Rockbound, wanted a fisherman. Here was his opportunity; for weeks, in fact, ever since old Gershom Born had talked with him, he had wondered how he would get up courage to face the old man and tell him what he knew. In his yellow dory he set out from Big Outpost one morning of early summer.

From Rockbound by Frank Parker Day ©1989. Published by University of Toronto Press.

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Frank Parker Day's 1928 novel Rockbound wins Canada Reads 2005.