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Not Wanted on the Voyage

Timothy Findley's novel is a retelling of the story of Noah's arc.

Timothy Findley

An extraordinary retelling of the biblical story of Noah's arc, Not Wanted on the Voyage blends magic and mythology into a compelling story that feels completely original. Unforgettable characters combine with compelling prose in Timothy Findley's novel about the very first end of the world and the hope and desperation that comes along with surviving it.

Not Wanted on the Voyage was a Canada Reads finalist in 2008, when it was defended by Zaib Shaikh.

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From the book

In the dark that followed — Lucy said; "where I was born, the trees were always in the sun. And I left that place because it was intolerant of rain. Now, we are here in a place where there are no trees and there is only rain. And I intend to leave this place — because it is intolerant of light. Somewhere — there must be somewhere where darkness and light are reconciled. So I am starting a rumour, here and now, of yet another world. I don't know when it will present itself — I don't know where it will be. But — as with all those other worlds now past when it is ready, I intend to go there."

From Not Wanted on the Voyage by Timothy Findley ©1984. Published by Penguin Canada.

Author interviews

Writer and actor Timothy Findley recalls the early days of the Stratford Festival.